Monday, September 7, 2009

H A P P Y L A B O R D A Y ! !

i hope each of you are having a fantastic Labor Day today! And that you have enjoyed your 3 day weekend! it has been not so great at our home my oldest son is sick with bronchitis and my husband and daughter are working today but we are trying to salvage it as best we can. i'm thinking of doing some rearranging of furniture to surprise my family when they come home! But, here is an ice cream tag that i thought i would share with you to celebrate the last weekend of summer celebration. it makes me sort of sad...i absolutely LOVE summertime and hope to live somewhere warm year around someday or at least have a second home in a toasty place! Some cool tools i used in making this tag are the friendship maker and the Geo Multi-maker from Creative Memories. i love their tools! So have a super fun day today! Eat lots of ice cream, hot dogs and hamburgers! Happy Labor Day!

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