Thursday, July 30, 2009

F L I P P I E S Fever

Okay, my friends look what i found!! Those who know me know that i loooove flip flops and often refer to them as flippies. i was out at the mall and found these little cuties...i love them so much!
i was out shopping for a purse and found these instead! LOL! While on vacation i was looking and found nothing and just about gave up. You know when you aren't looking for something and then you find everything yea it was one of those trips! These flippies are pretty darn cool i may have to do a creation that is inspired by these.....come back soon and see if i've posted something i'm feeling creative! Funny the things that inspire you huh?! Thanks for stopping in....hope you leave with a little inspiration today! :OD Oh and by the way i actually took the photos of my feet myself! impressive huh?!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Diva Dragonfly

This week seems to be nature week! :O) After posting some actual nature shots below from my garden i remembered i had a dragonfly paper punch! Check out these fun tags...i love them! The colors are so yummy! These are so fun for a gift to add that extra touch of whimsy or on a scrapbook layout, to dangle from a summer tea glass at a party or even a bookmark! i used some gorgeous papers from a cardstock line called "me & my BIG ideas"....great vibrant colors to work with! Oh and i got the punch from my favorite store Hobby Lobby!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Butterfly B U Z Z

Gosh, where has another week gone? i wanted to post something all last week and it slipped away! Well, here is a digital layout i created with CM SB+ and the Cottage Digital Kit was used. i got some of the most beautiful shots of two butterflies in my dahlia garden! i was mesmerized...i love moments like these you know the ones where you are suppose to slow down and enjoy the little things in life...well, i did because not too many of those moments come along with a family of five! LOL! Enjoy my beautiful photos i got of the butterfly AND a dragonfly! The dragonfly showed up the next day and hung out on a pretty iron garden decoration i have in my garden...funny huh?!

I almost forgot to mention the cutest little ladybug I found too....isn't she cute she sort
of turned the color of the flower!

And lastly, my favorite furry guy.....toby jack! He always loves hanging out in the backyard with all the critters....loves to chase the squirrels! "Squirrel did you say Squirrel" LOL....that's in a movie right?!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Awwww Monday mornings! i actually love them! it is the day i feel most productive and it seems as the week wears on i get more worn out with all the kiddo activity! And you know Mondays are just a new week, fresh slate and i'm so thankful i have been given that privilege of another day & another week :O) So let's start this one out with a layout that really ROCKS! My son Drew is quite the musician...i love this digital page! it was created with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus with the Discover Rock Grunge kit and the Discover Motor Grunge kit elements. Some of the elements were changed to different colors to coordinate with my photos used on the page. I love it!... hope you do to! Enjoy your Monday and be productive!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pool Party Pizzazz

Happy Friday! Here is an invitation i created for a very fun reunion i will be having tomorrow! i can't wait! After a couple of months of waiting for this day it is finally here! i started a FB (facebook) account in January of this year and have reconnected with lots of old friends from high school....we have decided to get together here at my house. Soooooo, i wanted to create my own invite and did using Creative Memories Storybook Plus software....yes, i mention it alot don't i? After creating my design in the software using various kit components I printed them out on cardstock....voila your own custom invite and you didn't even have to go to the store and better yet pay big bucks for custom work! You did it yourself! Well, you should try it! it is amazing! Have a super duper weekend!

i or I

An observation i have made this morning as i am typing this post is that i like to type the little "i" instead of big "I" i don't know why but from a design standpoint i think it looks cooler! Don't you think?! ha haa well if not then that's okay ;o) Since i have moved more in the direction of designing than selling i'm always looking for things that look really creative or set me just thought i would share that this morning! TGIF! Have a fantabulous weekend! Oh and that is not a real word just one in the design world i picked up from another very creative designer! :OD Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You got it didn't you?!

LOL! So if you are reading this you must have gotten my email or saw my FB status! :OD Yea then it worked and i am getting pretty good on the computer! Ha ha.....hope you come back and check things out but if you do my little golden rule is you must leave me a comment! idk(i don't know) for those learning blog lingo or text lingo :OD.... it could be just "hi" or on anything regarding that I've posted or "hey when you gonna post something" hee hee This is so exciting for me....i am doing something i love and so excited to see where this journey of design know that feeling when you feel like you are starting to figure things out and you know the purpose of what you are suppose to do in life?! Yea, it has taken a while but i'm 41 and starting to feel it! God is good and he is faithful and i'm so thankful that he has THE plan for me and i'm starting to figure out what he wants based on how he "designed" me! it's all good! Making a difference in lives and sharing Him with gifts he has given you...when a person figures that out.....YEEEA it's all good!

So this is one of my favorite photos of Jordan and me....we were getting ready to leave to go to her end of year Pom Banquet...March '09 finishing out her Sophomore year on Union Varsity Pom. We were all dressed up for an evening out and a girl has got to have her goodies when she leaves the house! Notice the camera, purse, cell phone, sunglasses and fancy heels at the top of the page?! This is a digital scrapbook layout created by me with Creative Memories Storybook Plus software. CM does have templates too that you can just drop your photos into and it's so simple!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Creative Memories Digi layout

Here is a digital layout I created with Creative Memories Storybook Plus software. Everything in this layout was created with the Rockstar Digital kit...I love this software it can do so many things! I also created my blogwear banner and blinkie with it! It can be used for cards, tags & whatever your creative brain can think up! Fun to print off the embellishments and use in a hybrid layout! I hope you enjoy! Check it out at or ask me for a consultant referral!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Okay, this is suppose to be our family beach photo for 2009. It was so windy!! Can you tell? The forecast had rain all week so we decided to take our photo on the 2nd day of vaca...we usually wait until towards the end but we were afraid we wouldn't get it due to a rainy week. Well, I think the storm was moving we shall try to get it later in the week maybe....booooo.

This is a great one of the kids don't you think?!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Vaca 2009 is here!

Graceland in Memphis, TN July1st.....we have always talked about stopping while traveling through to Destin but never had done it. Well, guess what this time we did! We had a great time too...we spent the afternoon there on Thursday and then got back on the road and stopped in Madison, MS outside of Jackson at the Hilton Garden Inn. Then, on the next day to Destin just 5 hours away. Elvis' estate was pretty cool....smaller than I thought but a really neat place....I really wanted to go back through a second time after going through once. I am such a visual person that I was completely stimulated by all the very cool things he had that I didn't get to listen closely to all of the history of everything....darn! Besides his estate we saw his collection of cars & two planes, his hollywood era and several souvenir shops with some good junk we bought! LOL Took a million photos but I will only post a few for you :OD

These two photos are of Elvis' living room....
Can you believe this was Elvis' kitchen? Really not what I had carpet, small, not very fancy and very dark! And check out the very cool TV room where he hung out and watched more than one TV program at a time!

Okay, I'm in LOVE with this photo!

Sorry sweetie ;O)