Monday, August 31, 2009

H E A R T to H E A R T

Good Monday morning!! Thanks for stopping by.....i captured a precious moment while walking by my back windows the other day that look out on our backyard. To my surprise i saw a special moment between my husband and my son. i call it "HEART to HEART" can read about it on the journaling on my layout. This is a digital design using Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus software. Love, love, love this program....i have mentioned it many times here you should check it out on their website i hope you have a glorious day and admire something beautiful in this world we live in because there are too many little moments like this to let slip by....i think i stood at the window, watching, wondering exactly what was being said and snapping photos without them seeing for at least 10 minutes. Go see what you can stumble on today and come back and share with me!! i would love that!

Friday, August 21, 2009

T R I C K or T R E A T in August?

Happy Friday blog readers! Am I rushing the fall?! Ummmm, no because I DO love summertime BUT, I have gotten the privilege of receiving the Limited Edition Trick or Treat Addition pack from Creative Memories to have some play design time with! Woooohooo! and it is playfully CUTE!! The papers are awesome with bold color and prints....I love printed paper....'cause I'm a "detail" gal you know. The papers have these reeeeally cute printed owl and spider web in the corners of the papers as well as some rockin' stickers!! So, enjoy my little "treats" for you today.....this limited additions pack becomes available September 1st!! So, call your Creative Memories consultant or go online to and use the consultant locator if you do not have a consultant. You can also just order online and have it shipped straight to your door!! Other items used in these projects were The Creative Memories Tag Maker, circle maker, ABC Letters in simple and swirly, large and small sizes. These items are currently available....enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st Day of School AUGUST 2 0 0 9

So, I have dinner on and am doing a little reflecting at the end of the day as I smell spaghetti and meat sauce bubbling. It was a good day....the house didn't get messed up, no shoes all over, no clothes, NO DIRTY dishes in the sink and me cleaning the kitchen 3 times a day, I didn't hear spongebob or icarly screaming out of the fact I didn't have the TV on all day. Just beautiful solitude! It was glorious and I could actually think! BUT, I did find myself racing against the clock to get my work done before the kids hit the house so I could be mom and hear about their awesome day and which teacher they loved and which teacher well you know ;o) Sorry, but I was a teacher once and I know! But, to really sit down in front of them and LISTEN to everything they had to say because we had spent time apart and I sent them into that big world without me and to see what they had to bring back to share with me. Kind of like Mama bird! LOL! It is nice to have some structure back and to have some time of my own but I do love when those pitter patter feet come running in the door from the bus or the chitter chatter in the car all the way home from my youngest. This is my purpose to be here for them as they go out and come back home daily.....I love teaching them and raising them up so they are strong, courageous, caring, loving to others and then for them to have a place they can't wait to come back too.....yeaaaa I know I have been reflecting today in the solitude... as much as I am excited about the structure and having some time to wear my "woman" hat instead of my "mom" hat it does always remind me as we start another new school year how much my kids have grown up so much over the summer! My sweet daughter who is a junior in high school texted me to let me know she had made it to the "big" school at 8:24 am this morning. She is at the "high school" where only junior and seniors go.....wait a minute wasn't it yesterday I was just taking her to kindergarten it is so clear in my mind, I can see it, feel it, taste it....and yes, you guessed, I cried after I read the text....this cannot be she is out there without me but cares enough to let me know she made it....she was nervous and had no idea where her classes yea there you have it. That was my day.....bittersweet....just me & the fuzzy dog, solitude and work, work, work! But, I DID love getting to design today without interruptions! I can't wait for you to see what I am working on for Creative Memories as soon as I get the word that I can share I will.....stay tuned! Now back to icarly screaming out of the TV and to eat yummy spaghetti! Awww this is heaven!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aren't these fun?! Okay, i'm revealing some of my "likes" or should i say "loves". i also love crowns! Can you tell by my blog header? Maybe i secretly would have loved to have been a princess! Gorgeous gowns and pretty bling! Love it! So i thought i would share some fun tags i have made from inspiration of crowns. The pink crown is a Martha Stewart punch that i have and love! The other crown tags are some gorgeous paper i found a while back that had crowns embossed in silver on it and i took my circlemaker (creative memories tool) and punched out just the embossed crowns and mounted them on layers of yummy cardstock! Topped off with some ribbon and twine and you have the cutest little pieces of art to adorn a gift or scrapbook layout, bookmark anywhere you want to tuck a sweet little work of art! Hope this gave you an idea or two!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wisdom teeth not so "wise"

Have had my daughter on my mind the last 36 hours....bless her heart she had her wisdom teeth out on June 21st and did everything by the book to take care of them so she wouldn't get an infection. Weeell, poor thing came in night before last at around 10pm and said, "does my jaw look swollen cause it really hurts"....."oh baby, yes it does" :O( i felt so bad for her. BUT, i was so thankful it was on a Thursday night so i called the oral surgeon that took them out and we took her in yesterday morning and sure enough....icky food got stuck in there and blew her gum up and hence the jaw got swollen so that she was sporting the chipmunk look once again! The Dr. drained it, irrigated and put her back on meds. Gosh, what a pain LOLOL no pun intended! Anywhooo, she is a trooper and has gone to work today with swollen jaw (it does look much better) and i just admire her so much. i'm a proud mommy of such an independent, brave young lady! Many hugs to you dear!