Thursday, January 21, 2010

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R kind of late....nahhh

Well, typically one says "Happy New Year" at the beginning of the month of January more than the latter but it's still the first of the year and my first posting for January 2010!
Sooooo, H A P P Y N E W Y E A R!
Gosh, the year is definitely up and running out of the shoot already! Have you made your list of goals for know I've never been one to actually write them down. I do think about them though and plant them in the brain....I should probably write them down so that I can see them as they happen! My hubby is a big planner and "writer down person"....he keeps me on track with our family goals and then reflects back at the end of the year and shares with us what we accomplished....when he does that I'm thinking WOW we did do alot. So, it does pay to "write" them down!
So let me think this year I need to dust more, you know the AC return air vents and those cob webby things that hang from the lights to the corner of your room, oh and dust the blinds, sweep and mop my tile floor more, clean out the fridge more (did I mention I got a new one for Christmas) so this is a must this year! Put those knobs on my laundry cabinets that I purchased a year ago! ha ha.....well, I'm being silly but I would like to "clean my house more on a regular basis" you know like I did in my 20's!! Where did that energy go?
No, for real, I would love to take some graphic artist classes, some cooking classes, some photography classes, and exercise more! I have gotten a catalog to the local college here to sign myself up. I still haven't decided HOW I am going to exercise...I absolutely hate going to gyms where sweaty people I don't know are using machines. I'm thinking I will try the Wii fitness program. We got one for Christmas and I here it is pretty good....any thoughts on that program? I also love to walk and will probably pick that up again and swim in our pool once it warms up! I can't wait for that! So, those are a few thoughts from me on about you?

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