Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hazelnut coffee and T I N K E R B E L L

Good morning and "clink" is the day I am preparing to travel. I am going to be off to a very happy, magical place! I'm so excited....there's a big hint in the photo :O) I brought this coffee mug back last year from this magical place and it inspires me so much everytime I get it out and sip on coffee as I mull over designs. I actually created some Tinkerbell tags from inspiration attributed to this mug. They were so cute and I sold several sets on my Etsy site. If you are curious you can view them in my "sold" section at my Etsy shop I think when I return from the magical place I will make some Tinkerbell tags again as well as some new Disney designs....everybody loves Mickey, Minnie, Tinkerbell and well, etc, etc, I have this mile long list I need to do for real, but seem to be doing things that haven't gotten done in 6 months or more....or why do we all of the sudden think our house needs a deep cleaning before we leave. I'm not going to be here to enjoy it! And yes, it is nice to come home to a deep cleaned house but really, must I exhaust myself before I leave? Okay, I talked myself out of it....CHECK THAT ONE OFF THE LIST! ha ha! I need to get my Iphone loaded with new songs for the plane ride....I haven't done that since I got it a month ago....which will probably take me over an hour because I completely do not understand the whole iTunes thing anyway, well sort of but I end up looking at so many songs when I should just download and get off! We had a friend come over this last week and move the software to a newer computer, of which I'm deeply grateful for. All this techno stuff is over my head. I just want "people" like Marth know when someone says I have "people" ha ha.....ohhh in my dreams. Well, should probably go tackle my list as I will be leaving to go to the Magical Place at 4 AM in the morning. I will be getting up at 2:30AM I suppose and yes that is in the AM....this will be really great for a night owl! Toodles and until next time...."Have a magical day!"


  1. Have a fabulous trip...can't wait to see what you create when you get back!

  2. Thanks Dawn! I am just now seeing this! It is a creation day today! :O) Happy Monday!