Monday, April 5, 2010

S P R I N G has S P R U N G!

So this is one happy girl.....Spring has arrived and I have enjoyed getting out in my flower beds and preparing the yard for some summertime fun in the that my beds have been "spring cleaned" out I can start planting my flower pots! So I thought I would share some of my flower pots that I planted under the back porch just in case there is some "freakish" last minute frost they would be protected! Oh please no!!
One of my favorite colors RED....I love impatience....funny name huh? I guess these little pretties suit me just fine as I am challenged by being "impatient" sometimes LOL!

I definitely love me some pretty Marigolds....these are the most hardy flowers and they can withstand our HOT southern summers!

And lastly, some sweet tags in my Etsy shop that adorn some cute little daisies! Are you the QUEEN of your domain or know someone who is?.....these little sweeties are perfect to adorn a gift bag, a scrapbook page or a party favor bag just to name a few.....check them out in my shop thanks for stopping by.....toodles for now!


  1. Hi Chrissy! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I've just had fun looking around yours and your Etsy shop too!

  2. Hi Gail~
    Thank you so much for posting a comment and taking a peek at my goodies! Happy Friday here and best wishes! :O))