Monday, August 31, 2009

H E A R T to H E A R T

Good Monday morning!! Thanks for stopping by.....i captured a precious moment while walking by my back windows the other day that look out on our backyard. To my surprise i saw a special moment between my husband and my son. i call it "HEART to HEART" can read about it on the journaling on my layout. This is a digital design using Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus software. Love, love, love this program....i have mentioned it many times here you should check it out on their website i hope you have a glorious day and admire something beautiful in this world we live in because there are too many little moments like this to let slip by....i think i stood at the window, watching, wondering exactly what was being said and snapping photos without them seeing for at least 10 minutes. Go see what you can stumble on today and come back and share with me!! i would love that!

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