Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wisdom teeth not so "wise"

Have had my daughter on my mind the last 36 hours....bless her heart she had her wisdom teeth out on June 21st and did everything by the book to take care of them so she wouldn't get an infection. Weeell, poor thing came in night before last at around 10pm and said, "does my jaw look swollen cause it really hurts"....."oh baby, yes it does" :O( i felt so bad for her. BUT, i was so thankful it was on a Thursday night so i called the oral surgeon that took them out and we took her in yesterday morning and sure enough....icky food got stuck in there and blew her gum up and hence the jaw got swollen so that she was sporting the chipmunk look once again! The Dr. drained it, irrigated and put her back on meds. Gosh, what a pain LOLOL no pun intended! Anywhooo, she is a trooper and has gone to work today with swollen jaw (it does look much better) and i just admire her so much. i'm a proud mommy of such an independent, brave young lady! Many hugs to you dear!

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