Monday, February 15, 2010

S U N S H I N E and R I B B O N

Good Monday Morning! I know I know.....some don't like Mondays but it is actually one of my favorite days! I love Sunday and Monday back to back....Sundays start off the week with a day of rest and I'm with my family as there is no where to be accept church. Mondays are my day I am most productive! As the week wears on I get more and more pooped! ha ha

So I went into my office today and saw my cute little TJ already in there sunning and enjoying the beautiful sun pouring in the window. My office faces the southeast and I get the most beautiful sun in the morning, that is if it is has definitely been a dreary, snowy January & February here and I am soooo ready for spring already! I am not a fan of cold weather at all! But, anyone who knows me knows that! I go straight from my UGGS to flip flops!

So, today is "design" day for my Etsy can go check it out here if you have not seen my shop I'm thinking that I am going to design with inspiration from my ribbons today....I L O V E ribbon! It is the perfect touch to anything paper design I think! So here are some ribbons I'm designing with...aren't they scrumptious?! Definitely some of my favorite colors and best sellers....And Mr. TJ is giving the approval!

So I leave you today with this little inspiration regarding "sunshine" and ribbons in my office today....."Wherever you go,
no matter what the weather,
always bring your own sunshine."
~ Anthony J. D'Angelo

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