Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do over Day?

So it's only 11 am which is pretty early for us night owl's LOL!  No seriously, this day has not started out well and that was by 10:00 this morning.  I will spare you the little details.  But let's just say I'm a perfectionist and absolutely adore Martha Stewart which ought to tell you something.  I DISLIKE making mistakes or not doing things perfect and we'll just leave it at that!  LOL!  Hey, I can admit that I make mistakes IF I make one ;o)) but definitely don't like it happening......and then my silly iphone is so sensitive....don't you just love when you accidently hit "delete" and didn't intend too or hit "send" and didn't intend too!  Ugh....yea so a couple of things like that this morning.....so I'm just going to make my day a "DO OVER DAY" officially starting now!  I so have to complete some orders for Etsy.....check these cuties out....
and then do some "mom" duties before the kids get home!  So, I'm outta here all!  Be sure and say "hi" if you stop by....thanks for reading the blog!


  1. Hope things get better...those cuties are soooo cute! Love you stuff darlin!

  2. Cute flowers!
    Wish you a better day!