Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where did I leave my Polka Dot Bow?

Okay, i admit it!  i'm a girlie girl and love accessories and one of them is bows!  i am a product of the '80's and we had BIG hair and we wore bows alot!  i'm so happy my daughter is 17 and still wears her bows! LOL!  But, you gotta love Minnie and her classic polka dot bows!  She wears a red one and a hot pink one.  Featured here, of course, is the hot pink style!  Aren't these the cutest?  i can't keep them in my Etsy Shop which is a "good thing"!  i have decided to start showcasing and photographing my tags literally attached to a gift bag in the shop....what do you think?  Helps one visualize don't you think?  Take a peek at more pics of Minnie here.  Hey, and did you know that bows are making a come back?  Yes, they are!  On clips and headbands yeaaaaa....i'm thinking i'm going to need me some!  All this talk makes me want to have some girl shoppin' time!  Wanna go?

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