Monday, July 27, 2009

Butterfly B U Z Z

Gosh, where has another week gone? i wanted to post something all last week and it slipped away! Well, here is a digital layout i created with CM SB+ and the Cottage Digital Kit was used. i got some of the most beautiful shots of two butterflies in my dahlia garden! i was mesmerized...i love moments like these you know the ones where you are suppose to slow down and enjoy the little things in life...well, i did because not too many of those moments come along with a family of five! LOL! Enjoy my beautiful photos i got of the butterfly AND a dragonfly! The dragonfly showed up the next day and hung out on a pretty iron garden decoration i have in my garden...funny huh?!

I almost forgot to mention the cutest little ladybug I found too....isn't she cute she sort
of turned the color of the flower!

And lastly, my favorite furry guy.....toby jack! He always loves hanging out in the backyard with all the critters....loves to chase the squirrels! "Squirrel did you say Squirrel" LOL....that's in a movie right?!


  1. Gorgeous photos!
    I love the layout too - very elegant and perfect choice of colors :)

    OH.. and your puppy is to die for. ;)

  2. Beautiful layout Chrissy! Your photos are outstanding!

  3. Wow Chrissy! Your photos are amazing!!! And I love your layout. Stunning!

  4. Thanks friends for sweet comments and the posts! :OD