Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You got it didn't you?!

LOL! So if you are reading this you must have gotten my email or saw my FB status! :OD Yea then it worked and i am getting pretty good on the computer! Ha ha.....hope you come back and check things out but if you do my little golden rule is you must leave me a comment! idk(i don't know) for those learning blog lingo or text lingo :OD.... it could be just "hi" or on anything regarding that I've posted or "hey when you gonna post something" hee hee This is so exciting for me....i am doing something i love and so excited to see where this journey of design know that feeling when you feel like you are starting to figure things out and you know the purpose of what you are suppose to do in life?! Yea, it has taken a while but i'm 41 and starting to feel it! God is good and he is faithful and i'm so thankful that he has THE plan for me and i'm starting to figure out what he wants based on how he "designed" me! it's all good! Making a difference in lives and sharing Him with gifts he has given you...when a person figures that out.....YEEEA it's all good!


  1. You are so darn cute Chrissy!!! I am glad to see you got the Slide to work !! YAY go you! Hey Resume Centeral is how CM found me and asked me to join the team- so it does work and is worth it! ;)

  2. Hi Chrissy! Your blog is super cute! :) :) :)

  3. Hi Chrissy! Your blog is very nice. The photographs are very beautiful. Wish you all the best. God is Great.