Thursday, July 30, 2009

F L I P P I E S Fever

Okay, my friends look what i found!! Those who know me know that i loooove flip flops and often refer to them as flippies. i was out at the mall and found these little cuties...i love them so much!
i was out shopping for a purse and found these instead! LOL! While on vacation i was looking and found nothing and just about gave up. You know when you aren't looking for something and then you find everything yea it was one of those trips! These flippies are pretty darn cool i may have to do a creation that is inspired by these.....come back soon and see if i've posted something i'm feeling creative! Funny the things that inspire you huh?! Thanks for stopping in....hope you leave with a little inspiration today! :OD Oh and by the way i actually took the photos of my feet myself! impressive huh?!!

1 comment:

  1. chrissy....i love your flippies...can't have too many..i can't believe you took photos of your own feet..but then,why would i be surprised??? love, mother